Thermal Calculation

Characterizes the thermal behavior of air or improves heat dissipation

Thermal Behavior of Air

To define an efficient air conditioning strategy or make use of natural ventilation, we need to take advantage of natural convection phenomena. Which are determined by the difference in air temperatures.

Thanks to thermal comfort studies we can simulate the behavior of air under any ambient condition. In order to obtain the internal temperature distribution or measure the efficiency of ventilation in air quality.

Thermal Management and Performance

Devices that produce, store, or conduct electricity are negatively affected by high operating temperatures. Decreasing its performance, or even causing malfunctions.

Therefore, the thermal management of these electronic systems is essential to ensure their correct operation. Through the thermal characterization of the system we can evaluate the starting situation and define the best cooling strategy.

Nuestras Capacidades en Cálculo Térmico

Our Capabilities in Thermal Calculation

We offer thermal calculation capabilities in the form of professional collaboration

Design and validation of air conditioning strategies

Design and validation of refrigeration systems

Diseño y validación de estrategias de climatización

Diseño y validación de sistemas de refrigeración

Thermal Calculation Projects

Comfort Study

passenger lounge

Refrigeration system

Centum Communications Team

Micro-Heat Exchanger

With phase change particles

Internal Temperature Distribution

Centum Communications Team

Thermal Performance

Auxdrone team

air purifiers

Clean Air Team

UAV air intakes

Improved aerodynamic design

soot collector

Study of load losses

Consultoría CFD

Te ofrecemos toda nuestra experiencia para ayudarte en proyectos de consultoría mediante el uso de la simulación CFD.

Desarrollo de modelos CFD

Podemos adaptar y automatizar el proceso de simulación entorno a tu caso de estudio. Cuenta con tu propia aplicación de simulación.