CFD Cloud Simulation Platform

You do not need to manufacture to validate the design

From Symula we offer the necessary technology to improve the design of a product during the initial phases of development. Access industry 4.0 and save manufacturing costs and product validation

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Validate your Design in 3 Steps

We have adapted traditional simulation software to offer a simple workflow that allows access to CFD simulation without the need to be an expert in the field.

Upload geometry

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Upload your 3D model, select the study conditions and launch your simulation.

cloud computing

Our simulation software will run the simulation automatically.

Optimize the design

View the results online or download the files and work locally.

Sube tu geometría

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Sube tu modelo 3D, selecciona las condiciones del estudio y lanza tu simulación.

Cálculo en la nube

Nuestro software de simulación correrá la simulación de forma automática.

Optimiza el diseño

Visualiza los resultados de forma online o descárgate los ficheros y trabaja en local.

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Integrate CFD simulation

We offer you simulation applications ready to be used from our platform.

Aplicaciones de simulación automatizadas

Escoge entre distintas aplicaciones y escenas de simulación en función de tu caso de estudio

Escoge la precisión de cálculo

Dependiendo de tu estado de desarrollo y diseño, podrás escoger la precisión de simulación que mejor se adapte a tus necesidades.

Panel de control

Gestiona tus casos de estudio, lanza una nueva simulación o descarga los resultados para trabajar en local.

Renderización de resultados

Mejora el análisis de resultados gracias al PostPorcesado renderizado de resultados

Automated simulation applications

Choose between different applications and simulation scenes depending on your case study

Choose the calculation precision

Depending on your state of development and design, you can choose the simulation precision that best suits your needs.

Control Panel

Manage your case studies, launch a new simulation or download the results to work locally.

Result rendering

Improves the analysis of results thanks to Post-Processing rendering of results

Simulation software adapted for the web

With Symula you can easily access simulation software and high-performance computing. Forget about investing in high-end hardware or worrying about software installation and maintenance.
  • Zero investment in hardware

    Thanks to the use of calculation servers in the cloud, Symula helps you reduce the cost of acquiring and maintaining high-performance calculation equipment.

  • No installation or maintenance

    All you need is an internet connection and access through a web browser. We will take care of updating and improving the software.

  • online collaboration

    We offer engineering support to help you throughout the calculation process. Share the information and collaborate on your projects with our experts.

The same platform for different case studies

We have integrated capabilities in Aerodynamics and Thermal Calculation in the form of automated simulation applications.

Improves aerodynamic efficiency

Characterizes the thermal behavior of air

Mejora la eficiencia aerodinámica

Caracteriza el comportamiento térmico del aire

Product validation during initial design phases

Given the high costs and uncertainty surrounding physical validation tests, CFD simulation allows the performance of a product to be validated in an agile, economical way and in the initial design phases.

Higher product quality

Ensures design performance under any atmospheric condition and mode of operation.
Refrigeración de sistemas embarcados
Estudio de Confort Térmico

Design flaw detection

Detect design problems early in development and reduce the consequences of poor design.

Sustainable product innovation

Join sustainable design thanks to digital prototyping. Validate your product without the need for physical tests.
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Save of time and money

Reduce costs related to product innovation, optimization and validation.

Comfort Study

passenger lounge

Refrigeration system

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Micro-Heat Exchanger

With phase change particles

Internal Temperature Distribution

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Thermal Performance

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air purifiers

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