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Even in fully air-conditioned spaces, there may be areas where the air is stagnant or its residence time is too long to ensure a correct ventilation rate. Thanks to the simulation of fluids, it is possible to visualize and quantify the average age of the air to detect those areas that are poorly ventilated.

This study carried out in a commercial premises shows those areas with a worse ventilation rate, as well as the influence of the use of CleanAir purifiers to improve air quality. CleanAir air purifiers are capable of disinfecting closed spaces using UV-C ultraviolet light. The air enters through its lower part and, after going through the disinfection process, it is propelled out through the upper part.

The use of this disinfectant technology, together with the visualization and analysis capacity offered by CFD simulation, makes it possible to improve air quality in closed spaces. Since simulating the behavior of the air greatly facilitates the task of specifying the number of necessary equipment and its optimal location.

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The study was carried out in a commercial premises with a central air conditioning system. Despite having forced ventilation, capable of ensuring an adequate rate of fresh air renewal, the aim was to detect those areas that were poorly ventilated in order to improve indoor air quality.

In the first place, the air renewal rate inside the premises is analyzed, solely due to the influence of the current air conditioning system. Then, after detecting the areas where the air stays longer, the influence of the air purifiers is simulated.



It is a well-air-conditioned place, but due to the design of the air conditioning system’s air outlets, there is a wide area in which the average age of the air is higher than desired. To ensure the desired air renewal rate, in addition to purifying the environment, it was decided to install the CleanAir equipment.

In the images below, you can see the effect on the average age of the air (represented in the form of a dense cloud) caused by the installation of this equipment. Streamlines are also plotted to identify the behavior of the air.


Fluid simulation not only allows poorly ventilated areas to be detected, but also provides us with a lot of information about the fluid field. This allows, for example, to visualize the speed contours and avoid areas where the air outlets could become annoying for the occupants.

Thanks to the simulation of the behavior of the air, we can simulate the effect of this equipment, determine the number of purifiers necessary and locate their optimal location.

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Air Purifier

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