Terms and Conditions of Use​

Welcome to Symula, the online platform that allows CFD simulations to be carried out automatically and in the cloud. Our software has been designed to facilitate access to this technology for users who are not experts in the field. Below, we detail the conditions of use of our platform:

End User License Terms - Symula Platform

Symula grants the user, at the time of registration, a non-exclusive, non-transferable and limited license to use the Symula software, subject to the following conditions of use. By accepting this Agreement, during the registration of an account on our simulation platform (app.symulacfd.com), you agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement with respect to the Symula simulation platform. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, do not use the Website or the Automated CFD Simulation Service.

Symula may modify these terms and conditions at any time, upon notice, by posting a notice on the Web or, if you have an account, by email or other reasonable means, and such modifications shall be effective immediately for the future at the time of the renewal on the platform. Your continued use of the Platform will be deemed your final acceptance of the modified terms and conditions.

By requesting a simulation, you agree to these terms and conditions and your contract with Symula is subject to these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions shall prevail and be effective notwithstanding any variations or additions contained in any order or other document submitted by you. No modification of these terms will be binding on Symula or any of its subsidiaries or affiliated companies unless made in writing by an authorized representative of Symula.

Operation Symula Platform

The simulation process works as follows:

  1. First create a new project. Each project will have a unique 3D model associated with it.
  2. Next import the 3D model that you would like to simulate. Each imported geometry will be unique per project, if you want to study a variation of the design, you will need to create a new project.
  3. Define the simulation parameters and proceed to the payment gateway to finish the process and launch the simulation.
  4. Review the project summary and choose the calculation accuracy you want.
  5. Choose the payment method, confirm the order and execute the payment. (Before paying, you have the ability to go back through the process if you see a mistake has been made and want to change it.)

The order is placed (and the simulation is carried out) when the payment has been executed successfully. You must ensure that the information you submit in your order is correct and complete before paying, as it is impossible to make any changes afterwards.

When you place an order, you agree to Symula’s automated simulation service. After placing an order, Symula will send you an automated email to confirm your order details. This confirmation means that there will be a binding Service Agreement between the Parties.

Prices and Payment Methods

There are several payment methods when using our software. You can subscribe to one of our “subscription plans” to benefit from a reduced cost per simulation and extra services. Or you can register for free on the platform and pay for each simulation directly at the time of launching the calculation, in a “pay per use” mode.

The price for using the Symula platform is a fee based on the accuracy of the calculation you choose (Conceptual, Accurate, or Realistic). The price contains the cost of the simulation services provided by Symula, as well as taxes when applicable. The price is calculated in euros and you must pay the price at the time of placing your order. Otherwise, there will be no Agreement and your order will not be fulfilled.

To use the Symula software, in a pay-per-use mode, the user must pay the corresponding rate, according to the chosen calculation precision. To use the Symula software, in subscription mode, the user must pay the corresponding fee according to the chosen subscription plan. The rate will automatically renew at the end of the applicable billing period, unless the user cancels the subscription at least 24 hours in advance.

To make the payment, Symula makes use of tools such as stripe to improve the service and guarantee security for all its users. For more information, you can consult our pricing page, as well as stripe’s conditions of use here.

Results delivery deadlines

The average time required for each simulation will depend on the type of precision you choose (Conceptual, Precise, or Realistic). On average, the maximum calculation times are adjusted to the following values:

  • Conceptual Simulation: 8 hours
  • Accurate simulation: 48 hours
  • Realistic Simulation: 72 hours

This is merely an estimate and, in no event, is Symula obligated and does not undertake to meet these delivery times. In the event that the delivery is delayed due to a calculation error, a technical error, a server crash or force majeure; Symula will notify you by email once these maximum times indicated above have elapsed. Whatever the reason for failure or delay, Symula is not responsible. We offer an automated workflow and, although we will take care of solving the problem, the detection of failures can take more time than those indicated as purely calculation times.

Limitation of Liability

Symula will not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or special damages arising from the use or inability to use the Symula software. Being, in any case, the total responsibility of Symula, for any claim related to the Symula software, not exceeding the total amount paid by the user for the use of the software.

Precision levels

The Symula platform offers a computational fluid simulation service through the use of open source software (openFoam). These simulations are based on numerical calculation methods and, although they reach precisions equivalent to physical validation tests, it should be noted that it is only possible to obtain a result that corresponds exactly to reality by carrying out physical tests.

Symula explicitly warns that, due to the nature of simulation methods, the accuracy of the quantitative results obtained cannot be guaranteed with complete certainty. We strongly recommend carrying out empirical testing tasks.

Understanding the limitations of numerical calculation methods, the different levels of precision available on the platform are explained below. The accuracy levels provided conform to the following characteristics:

  • Conceptual Simulation: We recommend using this option to obtain fast but less precise results, since the level of precision is in an “order of magnitude”. This means that the error will vary depending on the case study, but the values ​​obtained are in a range close to the correct one. That is to say, if the correct result is 5, you will be able to obtain values ​​around this value (between 1 and 10, that is, an order of magnitude 10^1), but in no case will you obtain values ​​such as 0.5, 50, 500. Since these values are in a different order of magnitude. For the validation cases used when carrying out the setup with openFoam, the errors obtained are around 20%, maximum.
  • Precise Simulation: We recommend this option to obtain good results in a moderate amount of time. It is a trade-off between accuracy and calculation speed. It corresponds to the level of precision carried out, when comparing different design proposals, by a professional who carried out a similar simulation in the context of an engineering project. The error of this precision is below 10%.
  • Realistic Simulation: We recommend this option to obtain results with the highest possible accuracy. The results obtained are comparable with real validation tests and would be equivalent to the level of simulation carried out, by a professional, to validate the final design proposal as accurately as possible.

Precision levels should be interpreted in comparison to the results provided by a physical wind tunnel test. This means that the realistic simulation results reflect a level of precision that is closer to the level of precision under the physical wind tunnel test than the conceptual simulation.

3D model quality

Symula simulation software is based on automated CFD technology, which allows users to simulate and analyze different fluid flows in 3D models, without the need to be a subject matter expert. To do this, the user must import a 3D model and the software is in charge of carrying out the entire simulation process automatically in the cloud. Once the results are obtained, the user can view them online or download them to work locally.

To ensure that this entire workflow works correctly, the user is responsible for his 3D model is well designed, clean, simplified and closed (without gaps or openings). If the simulation process fails due to the poor quality of the geometry that the user has used, Symula is not responsible for the damages that this may entail for the user. Nor will it return the money in case you have paid for this failed simulation.

During the validation phase, it has been verified how a poor quality of the 3D model causes unavoidable errors during the calculation process. Symula ensures an automated CFD calculation flow that works correctly, as long as the user uses an adapted 3D model to perform a CFD simulation. This implies that the model must be simplified and contain only the essential and most relevant details for the simulation.

In case you need help to carry out this 3D model pre-processing process, Symula offers advice to avoid these errors and even a CAD cleaning service to prevent simulation processes from failing due to poor geometry quality.

Data accuracy

Symula is not responsible for the simulation results if the data provided to Symula to run the simulation was incorrect. In other words, Symula is not responsible for the correctness, precision and integrity of the data provided by the user in the simulation process.

An example of this could be entering the appropriate design scale for the 3D model. Also the boundary conditions, the air properties or any other parameter available to be defined by the user.

Responsibility for advice

Symula provides a design advisory service, as well as in the use of the software to its users who so wish. We will always try to offer objective advice and under engineering criteria that benefit the user when using our tool. However, the user is the one who must make any type of final decision in the use of the platform and, therefore, the responsibility for its use will always fall on the user.

About the possible damages

Although the Symula software uses state-of-the-art simulation technology, the user is explicitly warned that, due to the nature of simulation methods, the accuracy of the quantitative results obtained cannot be guaranteed with complete certainty. Therefore, we are not responsible for any design flaw that may derive from the calculations made with the Symula platform. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that users carry out empirical verification tasks that validate the results provided by the software.

It is important that Symula users understand that the simulation results provided by the software are for informational purposes only and should not be used as the sole source for critical decision making. Symula is not responsible for any accident, design or malfunction arising from the construction of equipment, prototypes or 3D models, based on the results provided by the Symula software.

The user is solely responsible for making decisions based on the results provided by the software. The user is responsible for the correct construction from the mechanical point of view of this equipment, prototypes or 3D models, derived from the use of calculations made in the Simula simulation platform.

Force Majeure

Symula is not responsible in the following circumstances, which are non-exhaustive examples of situations beyond Symula’s reasonable control, as long as Symula is unable to fulfill its obligations, such as delivery of simulation results: war, fire, flood, strike or other labor disturbance, acts of any governmental body, explosion, power outage, etc…

The general conditions of force majeure under common law are applicable to determine whether the concept of “a circumstance beyond reasonable control” is met.

Symula will be automatically exempted from its obligations as long as the force majeure is of a lasting nature.

Intellectual property

The Symula software, including its components, source code, and documentation, are the exclusive property of Symula. The user acknowledges that he does not acquire any ownership rights over the Symula software beyond the license of use granted.

Privacy and data security

Symula is committed to guaranteeing the privacy and security of its users’ data. Users give permission only to Symula to have access to their data, 3D models and simulation results. If something goes wrong, Symula has the ability to review the case and fix the problem. In addition, Symula takes measures to ensure the security of user data, including the use of data encryption and the implementation of logical and physical security measures to protect user data.

Additionally, all storage and compute capacity is delegated to AWS (Amazon) services. Therefore, Symula users benefit from all the security measures and protocols provided by this provider. For more information, you can consult all the information in terms of security provided by AWS here.

Termination of the contract

Termination of Service Agreement

The Service Agreement ends when the simulation results are delivered. The Service Agreement may be terminated earlier, upon mutual written agreement between the Parties.

Both the user and Symula shall have the right to terminate the Service Agreement within a reasonable time if there are reasons or technical problems to do so. If the technical reasons are due to Symula causes, Symula will refund the amount you paid. If the technical reasons are due to a breach by you of the specifications indicated during the order process in relation to the 3D model or any other error in the data provided, Symula will not refund the cost of your simulations.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Symula shall have the right, at its option, upon written notice, to terminate the Service Agreement within a reasonable time, if you do not own or have obtained from a third party the necessary rights to submit this order. to Symula without any violation of any intellectual property right. Symula will not reimburse you for the cost of your simulations.

Upon termination of the Service Agreement, at any time and for any or no reason, all rights granted to you under this Agreement will immediately cease, except for those terms which by their nature or context are intended to prevail ( for example, the confidentiality of your data).

By using the Symula platform, the user accepts these terms of use and agrees to use the platform responsibly and ethically. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can do it from our contact page, or through the following email, [email protected]