Thermal Performance

Auxdron System


Auxdron is the beach rescue drone manufactured by General Drones. During its operating tasks, the equipment is exposed to extreme thermal conditions, both due to the high temperatures in summer and due to the solar incidence it receives. This means that all onboard systems, along with the most critical electronic components, work at very high temperatures.

The project has consisted in the proposal of design improvements that would ensure the correct functioning of all the electronic components. Thanks to the simulation it has been possible to characterize both the heat sources (electronic dissipation and solar radiation), as well as the thermal behavior of the entire equipment under different operating conditions.

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Auxdron is a drone specifically designed for rescue and beach rescue. It is completely sealed to prevent water ingress from damaging its systems, allowing it to operate in the harshest weather conditions.

The design proposals have made it possible to reduce the operating temperatures of the on-board systems. Improving, on the one hand, the dissipation of electronic components to the outside and, above all, preventing solar radiation from penetrating into the interior of the drone.



Due to ambient operating conditions, solar radiation is the component that has the greatest influence on the heating of the equipment. In addition, by directly influencing the outer shell of the drone, it limits the internal cooling capacity and the exchange of heat to the outside.

Therefore, it is essential to prevent the drone from absorbing said radiation. Thanks to the properties of the manufacturing materials, it has been possible to reduce the solar influence, managing to improve the cooling of the entire system.

Radiación solar


Thanks to the different improvement actions, it has been possible to reduce the operating temperatures of the critical electronic components responsible for the correct functioning of the equipment. The purpose of the project was to improve the thermal performance of the drone, to ensure operability during rescue maneuvers on beaches.

The graph shows the temperature reduction during operation for one of these on-board systems. Since most of the improvement actions have to do with solar absorptivity, as the radiation values ​​increase, the percentage of improvement increases.


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Thermal Performance

Auxdron System

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