Heat Dissipation

Design and validation of refrigeration systems

Performance issues due to high temperatures stem from poor management of heat dissipation. Phenomenon present in each component and electronic circuit due to its electrical resistance, which is enhanced as the current intensity increases.
The lack of thermal design capabilities can lead to loss of performance of the installed components, reduction of their useful life or even incidents in operation when exceeding the maximum allowed temperature values.

Faced with design challenges and as a solution to temperature management problems, thermal simulation ensures the proper functioning of electronic equipment under extreme operating conditions.

Our Capabilities in Thermal Dissipation

We offer refrigeration system design and specification capabilities in the form of professional collaboration

Embedded Systems

Thermal characterization of all the equipment and its on-board systems. It limits operating temperatures below operating limits and ensures system performance under any ambient conditions.

Battery Thermal Management

Calculation of the thermal operating conditions and design of the heat dissipation system. Proper working conditions must be ensured during discharge cycles to avoid performance loss.

Consultoría CFD

Te ofrecemos toda nuestra experiencia para ayudarte en proyectos de consultoría mediante el uso de la simulación CFD.

Desarrollo de modelos CFD

Podemos adaptar y automatizar el proceso de simulación entorno a tu caso de estudio. Cuenta con tu propia aplicación de simulación.

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