About Symula

We facilitate access to computational fluid simulation

Our mission is to facilitate access to CFD simulation, both in terms of cost and difficulty of use. Allowing companies with more limited resources to optimize their products thanks to the use of simulation and the advantages offered by digital validation and industry 4.0. Just as leading engineering companies already do.

We share the vision of a more sustainable world in which the digitization of validation processes allows us not only to improve the efficiency or performance of a product, but also to be able to do so in early design phases and without the need to consume unnecessary resources in prototypes and physical tests.


Agencia de Simulación CFD

We have adapted traditional simulation software to offer an automated workflow that allows access to computational fluid simulation without having to be an expert in the field.

Starting from our own calculation methodology with openfoam, we have incorporated the graphical power of blender for the pre- and post-processing rendering of results.

From our cloud simulation platform you will have access to these tools in the form of ready-to-use simulation applications.


Symula was born with the mission of facilitating access to CFD simulation. Since 2020 by providing engineering services through a collaborative work philosophy. Being in 2021 when the project becomes part of Lanzadera, Joan Roig’s business accelerator.

We are aware that many companies are not able to take advantage of the advantages offered by this type of simulation. That is why we seek to end the restrictions on access to this technology, high costs and difficulty of use. Providing them with the same capabilities as leading companies in their sector and helping them to reduce costs of innovation and product validation in the initial phases of development.


David bujeda

David Bujeda

Co-Founder & CEO

Zeus Neila

Zeus Neila

Co-Founder & CTO


March 2020 Symula is born as an engineering services provider through CFD simulation
January 2021 Development of a proprietary simulation methodology based on open source software
June 2021 Winners of the "Ponemos la 1ª Piedra" entrepreneurship award
September 2021 Selected by Lanzadera - Start Phase
March 2022 Launch of cloud-based simulation platform
June 2022 Development of the first automated simulation module (Virtual Wind Tunnel)
September 2022 Selected by Lanzadera - Traction Phase
March 2023 100% automated version of the Symula platform

Winners of the award "We lay the 1st Stone"

The purpose of this award is to promote and recognize entrepreneurial capacity, innovation, talent and business creativity in the development of innovative, sustainable projects with real prospects for job creation. 

Participants in the LLAMP AMES Program

Llamp AMES y Symula

LLAMP AMES is a program of the General Directorate of Entrepreneurship and Cooperatives of the Generalitat Valenciana, which through the CV CEEIs offers an Accompaniment and Mentoring service for Sustainable Entrepreneurship in the Valencian Community.

Startup belonging to the Lanzadera ecosystem

Lanzadera is a business accelerator framed in Marina de Empresas and promoted by Juan Roig. It is a project to support entrepreneurial leaders, whose objective is to generate the necessary conditions to contribute to the creation of efficient companies that add value to society and implement a solid business model.