Reduce product innovation and validation costs thanks to the advantages offered by digital validation

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Control Panel

Manage your case studies, launch a new simulation or download the results

Simulation applications

Choose between the different simulation scenes depending on the case study

Rendering of results

Improves the analysis of results thanks to the post-processing rendering of results

Calculation and design tool

Computational fluid simulation (CFD) is a highly useful calculation and design tool used in high-level engineering. Since it manages to reproduce any thermo-fluid dynamic phenomenon through numerical calculation on a computer.

Access industry 4.0 with the digitization of design processes

Instead of manufacturing physical prototypes in order to validate the performance of a product, thanks to simulation software, it is possible to model virtual prototypes and study their behavior under different operating conditions. This allows validating any design proposal from the initial phases of product development.

Benefit from simulation without the need to be an expert

To facilitate the use of this technology we have automated the simulation process. You won’t have to worry about choosing between turbulence models or refining the mesh. Simply upload your geometry, choose study conditions and launch your simulation.

tunel de viento virtual
Software CFD cloud

Cloud Simulation Platform

Create your profile and start working with CFD simulation software through our web platform. We offer you an online work environment from which you can manage your case studies, request the necessary help and make use of our calculation servers in the cloud.

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Choose the plan that best suits your needs

Conceptual design

Choose this option for quick but less accurate results. We recommend this option to compare designs in the conceptual design phase.

Precisión Conceptual Symula

Precise Calculation

Choose this option to get good results in a moderate amount of time. Validate design proposals with good calculation precision.

Precisión Intermedia Symula

Realistic Simulation

Choose this option to get results as accurately as possible. The results obtained are comparable with real validation tests.

Precisión Realista Symula


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