Air conditioning

Design and validation of air conditioning strategies
We must change the way buildings are designed, setting aside intuition and relying on tools that allow us to accurately analyze their thermal behavior.
Given the limitations of the calculation of thermal loads, the simulation of fluids allows us to analyze the thermal behavior of the air, visualize the distribution of temperatures and ensure internal comfort.
The ability to model the thermal behavior of the building allows the appropriate construction decisions to be made during the initial design phases. This helps us define an efficient air conditioning strategy. Ensuring internal comfort and air quality, saving on total construction costs and reducing the consumption and energy demand of HVAC equipment throughout the useful life of the building.

Our Capabilities in Air Conditioning

We offer design capabilities and validation of air conditioning systems in the form of professional collaboration

Thermal simulation to ensure indoor comfort and air quality

Simulación térmica para asegurar el confort interior y la calidad del aire

Our goal is to integrate thermal simulation capabilities into the building planning and design process to make HVAC systems affordable and energy efficient. Get maximum comfort at the lowest energy cost.

Air conditioning projects

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