CFD Consulting

Access CFD simulation through professional collaboration and benefit from all its advantages

Collaborative work model

We offer collaborative relationships between experts in thermal and aerodynamic calculations and engineering, construction and energy companies.

Labor relations that adjust to the new needs of the market: cost savings, collaborative work and specialization. We offer the possibility of having a specialized professional, on a timely basis, integrated into the internal work dynamics and at a lower cost than having them contracted.

The best cost/benefit ratio

Symula was born from the need to offer an alternative to the high costs related to the acquisition and contracting of CFD simulation capabilities.

Working with open source tools, such as openFoam, allows us to offer solutions fully adapted to the needs of each client, at the lowest possible cost.

Capability Integration

It is about optimizing time and resources, seeking the greatest benefit for both parties. We are talking about collaboration, and therefore integration. Instead of outsourcing the problem, let’s integrate the capabilities to solve it internally. 

You can count on the experience of a specialized professional that adapts to your needs. Whether it is a one-time query, or if it is a continuous need over time.

Online Collaboration

The industry evolves, and professional relationships with it. The ability to work remotely, well managed, is capable of bringing us many more benefits than setbacks.

From this need arises a new professional figure, increasingly common in technological and engineering services. The specialized self-employed professional, where a collaborative relationship is sought instead of a mere subcontracting

Maximum flexibility

We adapt to your needs and work dynamics. We integrate with the rest of the team and departments to work together. 

In addition, we understand that what you need is to solve a problem or improve a design. Since the simulation is not the end, but the means, we will work with you until the objectives are achieved; regardless of the number of simulations, calculations and queries.