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Welcome to the new era of digital validation

How the project arises

We are aware that fluid simulation is a technology with a fairly high barrier to entry, both economically and in terms of knowledge. That is why, until now, its use has been restricted to large engineering companies with the necessary resources to have these capabilities internally or outsource services to specialized consulting firms.

Symula was born as a project through which to help all those companies without simulation capabilities, to integrate this technology and thus be able to benefit from its advantages. Initially through the provision of engineering services and more recently through the use of our automated simulation platform in the cloud.

From the beginning we have tried to provide companies with capabilities, through a collaborative work model, to allow them to solve their challenges internally. We believe that it is more efficient to try to solve a problem with our own capabilities than outsourcing the work, responsibility and dedication that the task may require. Through this philosophy of professional collaboration, we have managed to integrate into teams and workflows. Allowing these companies to optimize their products thanks to the support and technical capabilities that we have been able to provide.

what is our mission

We are currently part of the Lanzadera ecosystem, the business accelerator promoted by the president of Mercadona, Juan Roig. From these facilities and, thanks to all the support received from the technical staff, collaborating companies and other entrepreneurs, we have managed to take another step forward in our mission of facilitating access to computational fluid simulation technology.

We are developing a simulation platform in the cloud , through which we can offer automated simulation applications. We would also like to offer a collaborative work environment that further facilitates the use of these tools by companies and users of the platform.

We are a recently created project but with enormous ambition. Democratizing access to CFD simulation, thanks to the elimination of its main entry barriers, is the motivation that moves its founders.

David Bujeda and Zeus Neila , aerospace engineers from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, are the co-founders of the project and main members of the team. Career colleagues who, in addition to sharing experience developing simulation projects, both believe in the potential of CFD simulation as a design and validation tool. Tool that allows companies to increase their competitiveness thanks to the digitization of processes.

Our value proposition

Validate and optimize the design of a product in the early stages of development, thanks to CFD simulation and without the need to be an expert in the field. This is the value proposition for which we work every day.

Thanks to simulation, it is possible to digitize design, manufacturing and product validation processes . Instead of having to manufacture physical prototypes to validate the performance of a design, thanks to simulation software, it is possible to model virtual prototypes and study their behavior under any operating condition. Allowing us to validate any design proposal from the initial phases of product development.

These capabilities help reduce uncertainty about what a product’s design will deliver, as well as reduce the costs associated with poor design or physical validation testing.

However, most companies lack the necessary technology and knowledge to carry out these processes. For this reason, at Symula we are developing automated simulation applications . In this way, and following the same principles that led us to start this project, we provide companies with the necessary capabilities to access industry 4.0 and digital product validation.

Vision and Sustainability

We share the vision of a more sustainable world in which the digitization of validation processes allows us not only to improve the efficiency or performance of a product, but also to be able to do so in early design phases and without the need to consume unnecessary resources in prototypes and physical tests.

From our simulation platform we would like to offer a way to access this new era of digital validation. Allowing professionals and companies to reduce costs of product innovation, optimization and validation.

We are aware of the long road we still have to go. However, we face it in the best possible way; with motivation, dedication and effort. We want to have a real and positive impact on the industry. Favoring the professional development and competitiveness of companies thanks to the integration of simulation as a work tool.

We hope to have been able to convey our mission and company philosophy, as well as our vision and future development plans. Through publications like this we want you to get to know us a little better.

And you, do you think you can benefit from CFD simulation? Get in touch with us, we will be happy to show you the advantages of simulation and how you can benefit from this technology.

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