How to improve aerodynamic efficiency in vehicles

eficiencia aerodinámica UAV
Studying the aerodynamics of an object makes it possible to adapt its design to increase lift or reduce drag.

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How to improve aerodynamic efficiency in vehicles

The most important operating cost of a vehicle is that of refueling. For example, an average consumption car, in 2 years and 30,000 kilometers, requires an expense of at least 2,000 euros. For this reason, manufacturers are paying all their attention to reducing consumption in vehicles, with the use of aerodynamic simulation tools that allow the design to be improved before manufacturing .

Improve aerodynamic efficiency to reduce consumption in vehicles

The aerodynamic study in the automotive industry is essential when adapting the design to the needs of users . By simulating fluids, it is possible to visualize aerodynamic phenomena and improve their efficiency. To this end, at Symula we have developed a virtual wind tunnel that allows us to validate vehicle performance by calculating aerodynamic forces , optimizing geometry to minimize fuel consumption.

In addition to this, the simulation of fluids in a computer enables the validation of vehicles during early design phases, managing to measure the impact of the wind on a real scale. With this, production costs are considerably reduced and a higher quality final product is obtained. Thus, through the calculation of the resistance to advance, it is possible to minimize the opposition of the air, which allows reducing consumption and increasing the maximum speed.

UAV wind tunnel

What is the advantage of validating a design through CFD simulation?

These types of tools facilitate the work of technicians and designers, since road tests have several disadvantages. These are more difficult to repeat under the same conditions, due to changes in the weather , such as the magnitude and direction of the wind, or the temperature, humidity and density of the air, among other factors. However, using a virtual wind tunnel it is possible to define any operating condition, in addition to tracing current lines that indicate the path followed by the air and understand phenomena that are difficult to detect with the naked eye .

In this way, users of the platform are able to characterize the values ​​of aerodynamic lift, drag or aerodynamic performance, which reduces manufacturing times and costs , while improving vehicle performance.

UAV stream lines

With the possibility of validating a design in 3 simple steps and without the need to have simulation knowledge or to invest in high-performance hardware, at Symula we facilitate access to CFD simulation. Allowing companies with more limited resources to keep up with the leading companies in their sector and obtain a high-quality final product.

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